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” ...during a very difficult time...You helped me calm the storm, clear my thoughts and deal with those overwhelming emotions.  You helped me through what has been one of the most challenging times in my life and you helped deal with in a positive and pro-active manner which minimized the negative impact on my family.” 
Vice President, Business

“ Marg is able to quickly assess a situation, provide insight and tools enabling the client to be successful in reaching career goals that are aligned with the organization’s mandate. She has supported me in further developing the right management skills focusing my efforts towards positive outcomes. She quickly identifies areas for improvement but ensures you take the time to recognize your strengths and celebrate your victories.” 
Chartered Accountant, Senior Management, Federal Crown corporation

“Practical strategies to enhance leadership, including ways to listen better, act more efficiently and increase awareness of organizational dynamics.  In particular, early wins were especially effective in enhancing leadership, and assessing values facilitated more effective decision making.” 
Director General,  Government of Canada

The purpose for coaching “was to improve ability to sell ideas to a CEO audience,  which included CEOs of large multi-national organizations, and in a boardroom setting.  Ms Offord’s coaching held the agenda of the outcome sought but opened the client’s self-awareness and energy, and facilitated skill development to reach goals.”  “…your perspective and awareness allowed me to see my motivations, my feelings, my fears, my strengths and my values…My energies are much better used today in considering my options and choosing a path, with less fear, to success…conscious about the choices…and can draw quickly on tools I have learned to create an impact, motivate others, or express whatever feeling I think is appropriate at that time…”
Senior Director, Association

“Marg changed my life.”
Chief, Government of Canada

I felt I was stagnating in my career and I wasn’t sure what needed to change in order for me to feel better about my daily work life.  Working with Marg helped me to identify the most frustrating aspects of my current situation.  Together we worked on how I could change my approach and responses to these issues and thus reduce my frustration.  Changing my behaviour is the hard part and that is where the life coach really adds value.  Just like any coach, a life coach supports you when you need support, points out where you need to improve your “style” and gives you exercises so you are able to improve your skills.  I still have work to do but even after 4 sessions, I feel better about myself and my performance.

A.L., Professional Engineer

Working with Marg was very helpful, not only is she a wealth of resources and information on  career planning, but she gives you that extra motivation you may need if you've been looking for work by yourself for a while.

B.L., Professional Engineer

Marg is a crystal clear voice and beacon of light that is necessary to guide me through the cluster and confusion on the path to my personal success.

M.R., Recent Graduate