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Executive & Management Coaching

  • Lead in all areas of your life
  • Uncover, deepen and build your natural strengths
  • Enable quick wins for pressing issues, and long-term self-development
  • Lead and motivate staff and the team
  • Manoeuver around bosses, employees, colleagues
  • Manage your book of business AND “have a life”
  • Move up to the next level – explore & prepare

Career Coaching

  • Get unstuck from a job that doesn’t feel right
  • Explore the possibilities
  • Utilize your full potential
  • Search for the right jobs
  • Prepare for interviews

Mediating Conflicts and Disputes

  • Resolve multi-party disputes effectively, using proven insight to get at core interests
  • Manage conflict early on
  • Build a supportive workplace by offering timely mediation
  • Implement professional mediation
  • Build long-term relationships by negotiating forward-moving actions

Marg’s associates are available for supporting services,
e.g. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument for personality assessment tests.

If you do nothing, nothing changes.
How can we get your wheels moving for the ride of your life!  Let’s talk.